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NEVER WANNA LEAVE is a 2 app, no word count, character driven site set in kingstonville, ma on cape cod. it’s a popular summer spot for lots of people as well as housing lots of people who live here all year long. there is a canon list on the site but you don’t have to make a canon character unless you want to. because of that there is lots of fun to be had.

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Maggie Q - Stalker Portraits at TCA 2014 (x)

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I don’t like Italy… I love Italy.

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Forever reblog

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I have two questions for you: First, second and third season of Glee were amazing but then the show lost some viewers and I’m interested… do you think that the quality is getting neglected from season to season? And second question (about her auditions)… (x)

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Lea talks about being italian. (x)

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cape cod is a well known summer destination for some people. rich as well as not rich. at NEVER WANNA LEAVE the location is the fictional town of kingstonville, ma. we have a canon list but you do not have to make a canon character if you don’t want to. we also have two different types of apps, freestyle and interview, so you can choose the one you like better. we don’t have a word count or an advert forum because we are trying something out and only giving the link to people who are interested. if you check out the site and decide to join feel free to tell your friends.

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Hot summer day supper.

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Yummy yummy Salmon.

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